Quality Legal Services

About Len Thom | Thom LawQuality service means personalized, professional attention to your legal matters. The law is often cold, harsh and difficult. However, dealing with lawyers does not have to be that way. My approach is to keep my clients educated and informed about the legal matters we are dealing with. I believe people want good, solid advice and not legal mumbo jumbo that sounds impressive but means very little. The relationship between a lawyer and client is important in attaining a good result in any legal matter.

A lawyer must understand the client’s concerns. The client must trust the lawyer’s advice and give the lawyer instructions based on a candid and realistic view of the legal situation. You get personal service. Your matter does not get passed around to five different lawyers you never meet. When you retain the Thom Law Office, Len will be the only lawyer acting on your behalf.

Free Initial Consultation

“Should I hire a lawyer?” is an important question. Sometimes the answer is not an easy one. Why not make an informed decision by talking to a lawyer. Seeing a lawyer sooner and not later can save you a lot of grief, time and money. On the other hand, if your situation does not require a lawyer you will have the peace of mind of knowing that is the case. It costs nothing. Even the coffee is free.

Reasonable Fees

My fees are no big secret. For straightforward matters we quote you a price over the phone. I tell you what you get for your money. In more complex matters, we discuss the factors that effect the amount of your bill in advance. For personal injury claims, you pay a legal fee only if the case is successful. I explain how “retainers” work. My clients get bills periodically so they do not have to pay all at once, either at the beginning or the end. I will take clients on a payment plan. I also do work through the Legal Aid system. There are enough surprises in the legal system, people do not need their bill to be another one.