Real Estate - Buying or Selling a HomeFor most people, buying or selling property means dealing with the biggest asset they have or will have. For young couples buying their first home is a major milestone. It can also be buying that lake cottage to kick back and enjoy the outdoors a little. Whatever the type of property you are buying or selling, you can expect that your transaction will be handled by our office with skill and care.


In dealing with property sales or purchases, here are some things to keep in mind:

If there is something you don’t understand, just give our office a call. Often once the offer is signed, problems can arise which do not have an easy way out. Our office does not charge extra to review an offer prior to the deal going through.

When purchasing, make your offer conditional on financing approval from the bank, trust company or credit union. When selling, check into how much the penalties are, that you may have to pay to your mortgage lender.

If you taking out a mortgage, the lender will need to see a real property report (survey) with municipal compliance indicated. The seller usually provides this, but this must be part of the offer.  In some cases title insurance is used instead of a real property report.

When buying a property you must have insurance in place prior to taking possession. Have your agent fax our office a copy of the “binder” letter.

Possession is usually at 12:00 noon on the completion date.In such an important transaction, its important not to cut any corners. Our office does real estate transactions by the book. This includes searching title, obtaining copies of encumbrances, and obtaining a tax certificate, preparing or reviewing the Statement of Adjustments and the trust conditions, reviewing instructions from the mortgage Lender or obtaining payout statement, preparing all necessary documentation, meeting with you to explain how the transaction will take place and the meaning of the documents you are signing, getting the documents to the Land Titles Office on time, paying off the existing mortgage, paying or receiving the Cash to Close, paying realtors fees (if any) on your behalf and getting you your money or copy of title. If you are taking out a mortgage we can also handle that part, too.

The costs of these services are based on flat fee plus disbursements and GST. The flat fee for a purchase or a sale is $600. The flat fee for a purchase with a new mortgage is $750. Disbursements are extra and will vary depending on the cost of the home and amount of the mortgage.